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Military Art – Cavalry

There are two regiments that make up the Household Cavalry – The Lifeguards in their scarlet jackets and the Blues and Royals in their blue jackets, which are worn for ceremonial and state occasions.  The regiment is unique in that they are fully operational soldiers and can be deployed all over the world in the various conflicts that arise as well as a mounted regiment for working at home.

The Cavalry come to Norfolk for their holidays and we are lucky to see them having fun, rest and relaxation from their various duties, home and abroad.

Please see below for some notes on what inspired me to paint this Collection of Military Art.

Rule Britannia
was the final part of the Musical Ride on the Cavalry Open Day with this young trooper racing into the ring at full gallop, upright and holding the Union Jack to stirring music – never fails to bring a patriotic tear to everyone’s eyes!  This is Military Art at its best.
Oil on linen:
Image size: 36″ x 48″
Price: £4,000 + shipping costs.

Drum Horse
is the legendary Spartacus who was about 18 when I painted him and was a great favourite within the Cavalry. When he has the Ceremonial Drums on his back he takes the rank of Major. He has now retired and has many worthy successors.  Another fine example of Military Art.
Oil on linen:
Image size: 36″ x 38″
​£4,000 + shipping costs

Cavalry Charge
Here are the lads having a cracking time at full gallop along this magnificent beach.  What you can’t see in the picture is a very short sighted dog that was standing in the way – its owners called it away just in time!
Oil on linen:
Image size:  38″ x 63″
​£5,000 + shipping costs

The Farrier
Without the work of these lads in keeping the horses’ feet in good order the regiment wouldn’t function. The roads in London can be hard on the hoof and the lads need to ensure that they don’t go lame on holiday!
Oil on linen:
Image size: 24″ x 36″
​£2,500 + shipping costs

Sparky Head Study
This is the second painting of this lovely boy I have worked: the first I donated to The Household Cavalry Charity which was auctioned for them by Christies in London. Then I did something I very rarely do which is to work another painting of the same subject. As Sparky was such a character and had a place in my heart, here he is for you to see. I just can’t bring myself to sell the original, so he will live with me forever, but maybe one day prints will be available.

This horse really wanted to stay on the beach and have another swim and looked so wistful when he had to go back to camp, I just had to capture his mood.
Oil on linen:
Image size: 24″ x 16″
£1750 + shipping costs

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